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Why Storytelling?

Welcome to Rough Cut Writing

Why does your business need to tell a story?

Because people purchase emotionally before they ever spend a dollar and nothing affects our emotions more than a good story.

This emotional decision making process is something we all do.

The trick to working with that part of the brain is not found in the hard sell but in the story experience.

How do you convince a customer to trust in your company?

The simple answer is by being a trustworthy company that puts the customer first and believes in what you’re doing. But you need to get the customer to realize the same thing and agree with you.

That’s where the value of content marketing and storytelling comes into play. You prove to your customers through quality information and customer success stories that what your company offers works and that you can be trusted.

Storytelling is the vehicle that delivers your content’s message in a way your customers will understand and remember.

This is what I do when I work with businesses. It’s not sales hype or inflated promises. It’s finding out what is really going on with your customers, what they really need and showing them how your business can provide that to them.

There’s too much lame and bad content out there already. Don’t let your business miss this opportunity to set itself apart and be heard.









Sean Bell


Sean is a writer, educator, and storyteller living in Orlando, Florida. He moved into the world of copywriting after having worked in sales and education for over 10 years. During that time he's pleased to have written college curriculum, company newsletters, and other marketing materials.

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    Sean Bell

    Writer/Educator/Storyteller/Marketing Guy Sean started Rough Cut Writing because he was sick of seeing good ideas fail. He's a word nerd whose passionate about helping people succeed.


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Website Content

Good SEO is about delivering quality human-readable content. Let me worry about search algorithms so you can focus on your business.

Sales Letters

A good sales letter isn’t magic, it just seems that way. The difference between one that leads to sales and one that doesn’t is all in the words you choose.


Weekly, Bi-weekly, or Monthly. Keep your audience coming back to check in on what you have to say by offering them valuable information on a regular basis.


Save yourself time by building a good autoresponder series. It will do the work of walking your customers from interest to purchase and back again.

Landing Pages

If they’re not converting then they’re not working. Don’t let poor performing pages lower your customer’s confidence in your business.


Video and Radio scripts. If you need dialogue for your next explainer video or product launch, I can make sure it reads smoothly and connects with your audience.




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